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The Wait is Over

As an artist, I've learned and become experienced with using photographic tools to work in harmony with nature.  In most cases, what I "see" may not be what the average person "sees".  I'm instantly drawn to composition, color harmony, textures, leading lines, the way light is behaving (quality, quantity, color, direction, diffusion), and how I can use those elements with my equipment and subject to create a beautiful and meaningful portrait.  
1st Week in August

Early September
All summer long our Potter County landscapes are full of beautiful colors, the days are long (so we can do more outside/natural light portrait sessions per day) and the weather is second to none.  Yet...  Somehow there is a perception that Fall is the best (or only) time to create portraits.  I'll admit, when I first started out a decade ago, I too had this believe.  However - experience, and education have opened my eyes to more possibilities.

Mid October

With my knowledge and knowhow I can make summer look like fall.  I can make Fall look like summer.  I can make spring look like summer.  Heck, I can make a horse look like a unicorn!  I can even take the very end bits of fall... when the leaves have nearly all fallen, and create the impression that fall is still in full swing. 

There is one thing I can't do though - extend time.  I just haven't developed that superpower yet...(but one day...)

Last few days of October
During the Fall season, daylight begins to dwindle, schedules become packed, and the only time remaining for an outdoors shoot is in the mornings and afternoons...  And then rain/snow starts, which often leads to attempts at re-scheduling.  I can make Fall portraits happen beautifully for 14-30 days surrounding the Fall season - but I just can't fit everyone in and leave a comfortable cushion room for rain dates!

SO.  Here is the secret: Book now or forever hold your leaves! 

End of November
If you simply call sooner than later, we can find the perfect date for you.  Often when we have our planning meeting, we discover that summer portraits may even fit the color scheme of your home better than the Fall!  


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Recently we updated our website with a few "behind the scenes" images to show off a few things that happen during a photoshoot that you may not think about... lights/other family members acting silly/pets being ...pets...  children being... children...  -  you get the idea.

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