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Cheri's "Rock Hunting" Portrait Experience

Although the idea didn't originate here (see the attached youtube video), our quaint hometown has had something epic going on for most of the summer - a rock hunting/painting/adventure.

Coudersport Rocks On

Many, many families have participated by painting and hiding rocks; spent time in the outdoors; and more importantly, spent quality time together.  It's been a fabulous and beautiful thing to witness.

Local businesses have also joined in on the fun offering prize rocks to those that are the first to find them.  Our family's business, Walck Portraits, built and decorated a camera rock.  We wanted to build awareness of the online community, promote families spending time together, and get our names out there as we are celebrating the opening of our new studio.

Camera Rock by Walck Portraits

Cheri's "Rock Hunting" Rock Hunting Portrait Experience

A local, extended family found our rock and allowed us to photograph their Portrait Experience.  We had so much fun sharing in their joy.  It was also super fun to see how the different ages worked together and interacted differently with the rocks.  The little guys would find and hide them in obvious places, while the older kiddos hid their rocks in more difficult locations.

Another favorite part of their portrait experience was that they clearly showed that you don't have to have everyone be all "matchy-matchy" in order to make an extended family portrait look good. Instead of matching colors and patterns, these guys all went with superhero shirts.  They were all different, showed off their favorite personas, and let their unique personalities shine.

We hope that our community will take on this project again next year!  Please leave us a comment telling us about the fun things going on in your community.  Is there something new we should do?


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