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Showing posts from March 29, 2015

Photo Booth Fun!

I've been toying with the idea of buying a photo booth.  The issues?  Cost.  Storage.  Maintenance.  Storage.  Transportation. Storage.  Cost. Storage.  Maintenance.  Storage.

You get the idea.

So, I got creative.  No storage necessary, just a simple setup with existing studio equipment: a giant 7' parabolic umbrella mounted to an Alien Bees 1600, triggered by Pocket Wizard flex units, and a white seamless backdrop.

Is the giant umbrella necessary?  No.  The powerful Alien Bees 1600? No.  The Pocket Wizard triggering system? No.  The white seamless backdrop? No.  The dog?  Yes.  We all need a cute dog.

You can totally do this on a budget at your studio.  Grab your speed light(s).  Buy a cheap shoot through, or reflective umbrella (our giant one has a silver reflective inside).  You can get a very decent sized Westcott umbrella for under $50 (even bigger if you go used!)  If you are using Nikon - set up the CLS so the camera triggers the strobe(s).  If you are using another bra…