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Valerie Gaberseck: Mom & Me Winner

In late April, Walck Portraits advertised that we were looking for nominations for exceptionally deserving mommas.  We wanted to celebrate a few moms that deserved a special portrait session and some gift prints because of how hard they work to take care of their families.

With over 25 applicants, it was so hard to choose, but one of the most endearing nominations was for Valerie Gaberseck.  Normally, women aren't keen on their mother-in-laws, but Valerie was nominated by her daughter-in-law Angelee Kamats.  There were many, many great things that Angelee stated about Valerie, but there were a few things that stood out the most:

Again...the fact that she was nominated by her daughter-in-law.  This doesn't happen often.She's a mom of four:  two adult boys and two teenage daughters.  Phew.  That's some work.She has faced many personal issues within her family, and yet she still perseveres.  Everyday.She stays true to her faith in God.She's been an advocate for many t…