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Man - all you do is push a button!

I had a friend once tell me - "Man, thats a cool photo, but all you did was push a button.  The camera made the picture!"  So here is a little bit of my internal dialogue that occurs before I "push the button" and let the camera do all the work...

I'm always talking with the client, making them feel comfortable and confident with the image creation process.  Everyone is beautiful, and it is my job to portray that - and lots of this has to do with self-confidence.

At the same time I am having a massive internal dialogue to keep the shoot moving...

First off I'm thinking about where I am, and how I can compose something that is going to be great.  Then I think about the light - because this will determine where I place a subject.  Often the client will get excited and make a suggestion, or have a desire to have a photo taken in the spot that has the worst light possible, or lots of clutter in the frame, or is generally the last idea I would have entertained…

The Best Part About Being A Wedding Photographer

I love being a wedding photographer.  Every year I love it more and more.  Can you imagine having a job where someone pays you money to make them happy and love everything you do?

This has been the best career choice I could have ever made.  When I shoot weddings there is also a second bonus.  I get to spend the day with my beautiful wife!  Thats right!  She is my second shooter, and partner in the business.  I can't think of anything that makes me happier than spending time with her and making a client happy simultaneously!  That is some serious business/family multitasking at it's best!

Anywho, the best part about being a wedding photographer happens after the wedding.  Maybe I'm a sentimentalist, but when I design images for the review session (when the bride and groom get to see their images for the first time) I go straight for the heart strings.  First I show a series of my personal favorite images of the day, and those are always the most intensely emotional images. …

The Great Pricing Mystery Solved!

I'm always asked - "Tim, what are your prices?"

Seems like a fair enough question right?  Sure!  If I was looking to buy something, my one of my first points for comparison to make a choice is probably going to be based on the price tag!

I have a large variety of AMAZING ways for a client to display their final images.  The products I carry all require an amount of personalization, and many of the products are so unique and beautiful that there is no way to fully describe them that can match what it is like to hold and inspect it personally.  For these reasons I don't have any packages set in stone (although I do sell images on stone), which means I honestly can't give a price quote because a client won't know what they want until they come and find out what it is that they really want.

I encourage prospective clients to come to the shop and poke around!  It is super fun to take something off the wall of my shop and check it out.  This is where clients learn th…