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Fall 2017 Colors

Note from Meg:  This post was originally published in September of 2014.  The crazy part?  It still applies to Fall 2017 Colors!  I've made a few alterations, and I'm excited to re-share it!

Making use of fall colors:
As photographers we have learned how to make the best use out of the fall colors.  We would like to share a little of that with you to help you plan your photo session timing!

1) Your photos are about you, not the background.  Remember that!  If you love the outdoors, and want a giant scenic vista, do you really want a photo of YOU, or a photo of the vista?  I'm not saying that the background is not important, as it really really is.  I'm saying that you are the focus in your photo session, and we use the background to compliment the look you are going for.  That means that the background is not the main attraction of the image.

2) You want the "Fall Look".  Great!  I love it!  To get the "Fall Look" - I only need 1 tree that has change…