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Photography: How To Use A Split Tone Neutral Density Filter

First off - What the hey is a split tone neutral density filter?
Simple.  It is a filter that is darker on one half than the other.  There are many versions available, but today we are only going to be talking about the split tone neutral density filter.  Neutral density means that the color pallet stays the same - we are only adjusting brightness.  Split tone means that half of the filter is darker than the other half.   Good times to use this?  When half of what you want in the frame is of a much brighter exposure than the other half.  The example below is of a beach scene.  The sky was much brighter than the foreground, and I knew that I wanted an exposure that allowed a slower shutter speed so I could show some motion in the water.  I chose to use the split tone neutral density filter to keep the sky darker, and the water a little brighter. And there we have it!  


Being a photographer, I'm usually not in front of the lens!  In fact, I really dislike being in front of the lens!  Today I sucked it up though, and I made a few self portraits for my music promotion page.