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Showing posts from October 4, 2015

The Great Photo Hike!

Okay okay, so it wasn't really a "hike".  We drove a car.  But still, it was a hike of a drive for our little car!

We started our day off with the intention to do a "Border Run" with our daughter.  Let me back up.  In Dubai, children need to be sponsored for a visa by their father.  The process takes 2-3 months on the speedy side.  Unfortunately though, a travel visa for the child (or anyone for that matter) is good for 30 days.  In order to keep our daughter legally in Dubai we needed to leave the country and re-enter to renew her travel visa.  Hence the need for a border run.

After meeting up with some friends to guide us through the experience we ventured out to see the sights of the Al Ain area and ended up at Mt Jebel Hafeet.  It was a beautiful drive to the top... and hot!  To be honest, we got close to the top, saw a line of cars at a stand still that was over a kilometer long and decided to turn around.  But thats okay, because I wanted a shot that ha…