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So You Want To Be A Photographer?

Are you interested in becoming a photographer?  Do you want to turn your passion for creating images into a source of income to support yourself and your family?

Tim Walck Photography will soon be offering online courses in photography training, and portrait business training.  Each course will span 4-8 weeks.  Every student who participates in all classes will gain the tools necessary to succeed in the wedding and portrait photography business.
I started my photography business with only $2,000, which I had saved from working as a tele-marker, social services provider, and substitute teacher, all while being a full time graduate student at Mansfield University.  That was enough to buy a camera, lens, and flash.  I poured my heart and soul into photography, read everything I could get my hands on, and began to build my business.  After 3 short years of juggling multiple jobs, and being a photographer on the side, I made the leap into photography full time, and opened up a retail s…