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Tim, What Do You Read?

Had a question the other day:

"Tim, what do you read"?  This spawned an hour long conversation about books, why each of us liked to read certain materials and why.  So, here is a watered down response!

Honestly, I'm not much of a fiction buff.  I'm really into self-improvement readings.  I read them because I feel that no one is perfect (especially me), and these types of readings give me excellent new views on life, and true time tested ways to make myself a better person.  I understand the philosophical debate that the previous statement could spawn, but lets avoid that for now and get to the list!

My current reading is The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy, and up next on the slate is Failing Forward, by John C. Maxwell.  The last book I read was Worth Every Penny, by Sarah Petty.  I highly recommend the Sarah Petty reading to any small business owner - it is fantastic, and entertaining.  I'm only half way through The Compound Effect, but I already know it will …