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The Importance of an Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to celebrate this unique phase of life.It's great to practice before the wedding day!  For us, we want the portrait process to be as synergistic as possible, and having some time to work on posing together and get a feel for your taste before the big day is essential to the process.
This is where you learn to trust us.  Trust is a key ingredient for creating truly beautiful images.  The resulting images from your engagement sessions solidify that partnership, and make you both more comfortable in front of the camera on your important day.
Also, it's just plain fun.  Engagement photos are a great excuse to put aside the stressful parts of planning a wedding and just enjoy one another, while having some fun together!  Plus, you get to use the photos for save-the-ate cards, guest books and other pre-wedding items to make your special day even better and unique!