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Torie's Senior Modeling Session

Torie's Senior Modeling Session at Walck Portraits in Coudersport Pa

We had a blast with Torie!  We planned to spend some time in the camera room, and then head outside.  Torie did a wonderful job picking out cohesive outfits which our backdrops and locations complimented well.  We like to have fun with our seniors, and Torie was up for the experience.  We had her spin in her dress while Meg (my wife and co-owner of Walck Portraits) used a light reflector as a fan for her hair!  This resulted in a few fun photos, as well as some amazing captures :)

Once we finished up in the studio, we headed out to the Baker's Creek area of Coudersport PA and trekked into the snow!  BRRRRRRRR it was cold, but this didn't seem to bother Torie!  I had packed a bunch of lighting gear with anticipation that the sun would be too low, but to my surprise, the light was just perfect.  So happy these short winter days are starting to get longer!  Check out some of the images in the snow from this …

The Skiver Family's Experience

This winter has been wonderful here at Walck Portraits!  We have had SO many great people in and out of our doors :)  This shoot with the Skivers is one of our favorites!
Joy came to me a few months back looking to plan a unique family photo session.  She is a photographer herself, so I knew I had to make something really great with the shoot!  We ended up picking a date in the winter with hopes of snow, and Mother Nature delivered!   Check out some of their images with this slideshow!

The shoot was a little chilly, but that didn't phase this family!  The location was absolutely breath taking as well!  We went up to the hills behind Shinglehouse Pennsylvania, and found some beautiful roads, fences, and views of the valley.  The snow was actually falling so fast that visibility wasn't clear enough for a shot of said valley - but just enough to give the final images depth. The image on the left is one of my favorites from this session.  Eddie (aka: Dad) has been working on his 57 …