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Top 5 Things Meg Learned at Imaging USA 2015

Imaging USA was an awesome and business-changing event for the hubs and me.  We learned so much, and we really wanted to share some of our favorite lessons, in hopes that we could talk some fence-riders into attending next year.  After all, while we love to work with each other, we also love to network and learn from new people too!
***Disclaimer:  Tim is the PPA member.  Meg is totally unaffiliated with Imaging USA, and this post is not sponsored by them in any way.
So here you go, the Top 5 Things Meg Learned at Imaging USA 2015:
The hubs and I are not at the bottom of the barrel like we thought we were.  We're actually off to a good start.  This was super refreshing to find out.  It was also super nice to have validation for what we're trying to do.If you want to be in it to win it, you have to keep learning.  Even the "masters" were discussing personal/professional development books they had read and classes recently taken.  As a "lifelong learner…

The Truth About Digital Files

The topic of Digital Files in the photography industry is HOT HOT HOT!

To give the files, or to not give the files.... that is the question!

Lets take a few things into consideration.
As a photographer, it is my job to provide clients with products and services that meet and exceed their expectations.  I need to provide clients with images on a medium that respects the art, and shows off each image's best features, as that is how they should expect their images to be displayed in their homes.Printed media (when done properly) will last a lifetime.  Real, light sensitive photographic paper, such as Silver Halide, has an image stability rating of 100+ years.Printed media lives in the real world.  You walk by it as it hangs on your walls with no need to push the "on" button and wait for a hard drive and screen to fire up!Digital Files must be updated every few years in order to keep up with advancing technology. Do you really think that in 2050 your disc of images will be re…

3 Tips to Get Kids Smiling for Photos!

I've done many photo sessions and have many many tricks for getting smiles out of kids.  Today I'm going to share with you 3 of my top tips for getting kiddos to show their beautiful beaming smiles!
Pick comfy clothes!  -  If the clothes you picked are new with tags, remove the tags!  Tags are itchy!  If there is anything uncomfortable about the outfit they will be distracted and have a much shorter attention span for the shoot.Go someplace fun! - Kids are kids.  Let them be kids.  Go somewhere that they are familiar with, and comfortable, like the park!  Then let them have fun!Keep things positive! - Whatever you do... do not under any circumstances give the kid an ultimatum.  What do you think happens if you threaten a kid with something like, "Smile, or NO McDonalds", or "Smile, or I'll spank your rear end!".  Yep... that will stop smiles for the rest of the session.  Instead, lets re-direct the kids to something else - maybe they just need a breather…

The Perfect Match

Finding the perfect match between you and your photographer is ideal.  It is important to feel a connection with the person you are trusting to create the images of your special day and to value what they are doing for you.

For these reasons we don't list our pricing formula publicly.  We want our customers to shop for us not a price.  Our price could be higher, lower, or the same as other places they are looking, but we don't want them making a decision for their most important day based on a "good deal", or the idea of "if it costs more it must be better", as neither of those mind-sets are geared towards what is really important when choosing a wedding photographer.

We've seen companies charge double our highest rates, then hire low-cost help (aka, amateur photographers), give them a camera and let them go to town... the results?  Not good.  There was no personal connection... no love, nothing to really make the images special.  It was just a business…