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What is in Tim's Wedding kit?

I get asked ALL the time, "Hey, what kind of camera do you use?"

Well, its a little more complicated than just one camera...

First off, a camera just records what is put in front of it - therefore, I need tools to shape light around what I put in front of the camera.  Also - far far FAR more important than your camera... is the lens you put on the front.  SO, in my wedding kit I have a multitude of flashes, gels, remote triggers, and light modifiers, as well as excellent glass - and yes - camera bodies.

Here we go!

- Nikon D300s w/MB10 Grip
- Nikon D90 w/Grip
- Nikon D80 w/Grip
- Nikon SB900
- Nikon SB900
- Nikon SB600
- Craftsman LED constant light (yep.  a $20 light... and it is amazing!)
- 4x 16gb Ultra Fast SD cards
- 2x 32gb Compact Flash cards
- Nikon 70-200 VRII f/2.8
- Nikon 50mm f/1.8
- Nikon 18-105mm
- 3x Pocket Wizard Mini TT5s
- Pocket Wizard Mini TT1
- Pocket Wizard AC3 Zone Controller
- 72x High Output Rechargeable AA batteries
- 18x Nikon EnEl3e Batteries
- Carr…