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Photographing Like a Pro at Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque

So - I thought I'd be able to use a tripod at the Grand Mosque.  Turns out you can't (or at least I was specifically told "no" by security upon entering... and then saw some other guys using them.  I guess my beefy carbon fiber Manfrotto looked more ominous than the $15 Walmart quality ones).  So, I had to figure out how to still create great images without doing anything disrespectful.  I found there are many benches around the mosque area where you can tastefully sit a camera and use live view to compose the image - then set up a multiple second exposure.  Like this one!

I prefer long exposures sometimes, even when hand held is possible, as it gives you visual opportunities that are otherwise not going to be captured.  By leaving the shutter open longer, I am able to use a smaller aperture and thus have more details throughout the depth of the image.  A second reason is that anything moving becomes a blur, or disappears.   Do you see the cleaning guy pushing his c…

5 Things to ask your Wedding Photographer

5 Things to ask your wedding photographer:

1   What is your backup plan on our wedding day?  Like... what if you are ill or injured and can't shoot our wedding?  What happens if you break a camera or lens?  Your photographer should have this answer in a split second, as it is very important.  I personally have a high level of paranoia, and fully believe in combating Murphy's Law by being as prepared as possible.  I subcontract a trusted photographer to keep wedding days free just incase I am un able to shoot the contracted event.  Yes - that means I pay another photographer to sit at home and be "on call" just incase I am in a serious bind.  If equipment is to break down I simply pull out a spare from the bag.  We keep 4 bodies, 8 lenses, and 4-8 flashes handy depending on the venue.2   What is your method for posing during the formal shots after the ceremony?  How long will that take?We come prepared with a list (which you help us put together) of whom is to be in t…