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The ONE Thing Brides Often Forget To Plan For

I get to help lots of brides with wedding planning, and it is so much fun!  I've had the opportunity to help organize everything from the flow of timelines, to reception hall lay-outs, to center piece design & build, and everything in between.  The best advice I can give a bride(this is for ANY bride - even if they aren't booking me a as their photographer) is to plan to invest in a wedding album.

An album will gain value over the years.  Think about it...  in a year's time, your album will be worth more to you than when you first got it.  In 5 years time, it will double, or even triple it's value to you.  In 10 years, your album will be right up there with your engagement ring.  Lets take a jump to 75 years!  In 75 years, what would you value your album at?  How could you attach a monetary association to it... by that time it is a priceless piece of your history, a family heirloom, a visual story book of your most valued day - an irreplaceable item.

What other piec…

5 Ways We Make Great Images and Stay in Business

Often, beginning photographers ask us for help.They want to know the “secrets” of being wedding photographers, and how to use photography to better their own lives. We have a few core values that we run our business on.It’s really quite simple.Now, don’t confuse simple with hard work – this isn’t a get rich quick industry, and it takes time and dedication.
1.Showing Love Our mission is to show love through imagery.  We strive to improve and deepen relationships by creating images of emotional, loving moments and providing the most beautiful ways to display them as visual reminders of those bonds. After  It is why you get married.  It is why you are inviting family and friends to your most emotional and intimate day.  It is why you wake up in the morning.  It is why your relationship with each other is so strong.  It is how you get through tough times.  It is why you celebrate the best of times.  It is what you have found with your soulmate that keeps you together.  It is th…