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The Psychology of Looking Good

So - you have a love/hate relationship with pictures?  You love to look at portrait sessions of friends and family members, but you feel that you do not look as good as someone else.

I've been there.

Yep - this photographer used to HATE having his own picture taken.  Like many, I was self-conscious of my body.  I'm a chicken armed, beer bellied, bad postured, fat-lipped mess!  Or at least that's what I saw when I looked at my own photo.  You know what the truth is?  No one else cares what I think of myself, because they see me as a person, not a model in a magazine ad.  Once I figured that out, I stopped caring how I looked physically in an image.

To the right is a selfie I made last year.  If I cover up my face, and force myself to look at the image as if it isn't of myself, then I am able to see that I don't look like a sloppy mess.  Granted... this image hides any beer belly with a black shirt, shadows, and a tenor sax...(which I may have done intentionally)  But…

Most Important Gear.

I am often asked, "Tim, what is your favorite piece of gear?"
Well - yesterday I got asked a new one!  "Tim, what is your most important piece of gear?"  So, I thought about it for a minute.  I realized that there is no camera, lens, flash, or light modifier that is more important than one thing.  That thing is me.  NOT that I'm implying that I am a tool ;) (Though I do have a ridicules shirt that says "Tim's tools, if you need a tool, grab Tim's!") 
I could use a polaroid camera, disposable film camera from the local pharmacy, or even my iPhone, and I know that I could make great meaningful images.  There is just no piece of equipment more important than the artist's vision, and skill for creating it - which comes from lots of hard work, experience, and dedication.  I may pack a bunch of gear, and have many tools at my disposal, but ultimately the image is made by me, not a camera.
With all that being said - there are some other things t…

Local Photographers Attend International Photographic Convention

Local Photographers Attend International Photographic Convention Big things in store for clients of Tim Walck Photography
Coudersport, PA – Tim & Meg of Tim Walck Photography in Coudersport expanded their skills by attending Imaging USA, the longest running professional photographic convention and expo in the United States.They joined thousands of industry professionals attending this event February 1-3 in Nashville, Tenn.
“This was a great experience for our studio.We are believers in consistent, continuous education and the development of our craft.We made many new connections, including a few world-class photographers, and formed alliances with product crafters, and photographic equipment distributers.
Our clients can expect to see an expansion in our unique product line this year, as well as some exciting new event coverage options.” -Tim Walck studio owner
“Over the years, we have attended many conventions, but the highlight of each year was and still is attending Imaging USA,” a…