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Nepal Relief Project

Mission: Raise $10,000 to aid in the Nepal relief effort.
Where is the $10,000 going? – We are channeling funds through Plan International USA, a global organization established in 1937 with a mission of ending poverty for children and developing solutions to ensure long-term sustainability.Plan has had members on the ground in Nepal for many years working in rural areas outside Kathmandu and is in position to effectively deliver help and relief to families in need.
How will we achieve this? We will sell fine art pieces and accept donations.Each piece sold is a member of a limited collection, where only 35 prints will ever be made.Each piece of art is hand signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.From each sale, 100% of the net profit will be donated.
When will the funds be sent?After each sale or donation, we will immediately transfer funds to Plan.
Where can I view the art available?
How do I buy an art piece or donate?Please contact …

The #1 secret to natural smiles:

Photos are fun!

Unless someone is yelling at you to smile.  Or if you don't like having your photo taken.  Or if you are self conscious of yourself.  Or if... Or if... Or if...

There is one secret that I have for getting real smiles out of anyone.  It is so simple, yet many photographers forget about it.  It is so easy to overlook because we get tied up in all the other parts about the portrait session.  It is easy.  BUT - it takes a little time.

You want to know this magical secret right?  Of course.  Why wouldn't you want the person in front of your camera to smile beautifully, as if they were smiling with you instead of for the camera?

Oh gosh.... I just said it!   I let the secret out!

People will smile for real when they are smiling with you.  As the man with the camera, I know there are thousands of things that go into making a good image, but there is one thing that trumps all: expression.  Without expression, the best exposure & lighting techniques matched with wo…