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Showing posts from March 26, 2017

Competition? What Competition?

Often, we are asked how we make our photography business thrive when there are so many competitors out there, especially in a rural and isolated location like ours.  Sure, there are mom-togs, those who do it for a hobby, those who undercut our prices, those that far out price us, those that offer downloads, free prints, etc., etc.  After all, in a boutique business like ours, people are going to either love our work or hate it.  They're either going to come to us or go somewhere else.  That's okay.  We're here to help those people that love our style, our personalities, and our art.  Sometimes what we offer doesn't fit the customer's choice.  That is okay. Hopefully we can help them out in some other way.  Perhaps we can give them guidance on what to wear, a checklist for wedding preparations, or even recommendations for a colleague that might suit them better.

Wait a minute?!  We recommend people to go elsewhere?  Absolutely, especially if there is somebody out t…