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Showing posts from July 23, 2017

The Wait is Over

As an artist, I've learned and become experienced with using photographic tools to work in harmony with nature.  In most cases, what I "see" may not be what the average person "sees".  I'm instantly drawn to composition, color harmony, textures, leading lines, the way light is behaving (quality, quantity, color, direction, diffusion), and how I can use those elements with my equipment and subject to create a beautiful and meaningful portrait.  

All summer long our Potter County landscapes are full of beautiful colors, the days are long (so we can do more outside/natural light portrait sessions per day) and the weather is second to none.  Yet...  Somehow there is a perception that Fall is the best (or only) time to create portraits.  I'll admit, when I first started out a decade ago, I too had this believe.  However - experience, and education have opened my eyes to more possibilities.

With my knowledge and knowhow I can make summer look like fall.  I can …