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Showing posts from November 29, 2015

A Weekend in the Dunes

Over UAE's National day we took a trip to the dunes of Oman to camp, drive, make some photos, and relax a bit.  This was an excellent way for me to recharge my batteries whilst draining my camera's!

On day one I saw the epic dune that was just screaming for me to climb, just a stones throw from camp.  It didn't take much convincing for me to get my buddy in his Jeep to tote me half way up so I could hike the rest.  It was just starting to get dark outside, and by the time I hiked the giant dune with the tripod and camera, sunset was well underway.  I knew I wanted to do a full 360 degree pano, so I did a few quick exposure tests and got to work.

This was a trickier task than I had planned for, as the crest is so steep and slippery that it become increasingly difficult to keep the tripod steady whilst I moved to turn it.  I probably chose exposures that were too long - but I really wanted to get some nice depth of field with the smallest aperture I could possibly use.  I w…