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The Boka's Newborn Session

There is something magical about black and white photography, espicially when the subject is a newborn!
Abby and Wayne did a beautiful job at their portrait session.  Posing was a breeze, and we were lucky that Charolette was happy and sleeping the entire time!  We couldn't have asked for an easier newborn shoot :)

The Boka family is signed up with our "Grow With Me" experience, which is a photography package designed to document a newborn's first year off life, starting with a maternity session.  It includes: Maternity, Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year sessions.  The big gem at the end of these packages is the art that comes with them.  With all of these photo sessions, we hand craft a "First Year Of Life" baby album, using hand crafted materials that are designed to last a lifetime.  We also include a crib display, which is a three piece collage designed to hang above the crib and then easily moveable to other parts of the home.

For the Boka …

What REALLY Happens Behind the Scenes

Recently we updated our website with a few "behind the scenes" images to show off a few things that happen during a photoshoot that you may not think about... lights/other family members acting silly/pets being ...pets...  children being... children...  -  you get the idea.

But there is yet another aspect behind the scenes at a portrait studio that many people don't think much about.  What do photographers do BEFORE the session?  OH and another!  What do photographers do AFTER the session?

WELL.  Let me show you!

We've been doing this long enough that we know its best to have a checklist.  In the industry we call this a Workflow.  This ensures that we don't miss any step in the process, which means our customer service level will be high and consistent.

I guess I could end with that and let you read the things on our workflow sheet... but where is the fun in that?  Lets see some pictures!

BATTERIES.  Every flipping thing in the world seems to take batteries.  LOTS…

Jessie & Rob's Newborn Session Experience

Last Sunday, Meg & I left Coudersport to make a trip all the way up to Buffalo NY for an AMAZING newborn session!  No shoot is too far for Walck Portraits ;)  
The drive was nice - a little chilly when I packed the car (one degree Fahrenheit), but it was a beautiful sunny Sunday.  I didn't know what kind of lighting scenario I'd be getting into, so I just brought the big kit - big lights & soft boxes, small flashes, reflectors - any & everything I could need.  When we got there, it turned out that they had a beautiful north facing window and neutral skin toned wall in their dining room!  The entire session I was able to just use natural light & giant reflector, and I love the results! Jessie & Rob did amazing in front of the camera!  We know from experience that new parents are usually sleep deprived, sore from using new muscles to pick up and care their new family member, and generally not in any mood to have their picture taken - but not this couple.  They…