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2 Tips for a Photogenic Wedding

2 Tips for a Photogenic Wedding
1) For your ceremony: If possible, remove anything that could be distracting from the ceremony, or that could cause awkward photos (if possible).For instance, take a look at where you plan to stand.Will there be anything strange in the background?Lets say you are having your ceremony outside in a field with a beautiful tree.The tree is an obvious focal point and you think it would make a great spot for photos.I agree!But – don’t put the alter directly in front of the tree, otherwise in your photos, you will have a tree coming out of the tops of your heads! (sure, laugh a little… but it happens all the time!) Instead, place the alter to the side of the tree, centered in between the trunk and some nice branches and walk 20-35 feet forward (away from the tree, towards where the guests will be seated).Now you will have a beautifully composed image, where the tree is in the background creating a lovely frame and you are in the foreground.By placing yourself 2…