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Hannah & David's Firehall Maternity Shoot

We had a wonderful time working with Hannah & David again!  It has been a few years since their wedding, and now they are happily expanding their family :) 

This session took place at the Roulette Fire Hall, where both Hannah & Dave are fire fighters (as you may have guessed).  We actually bumped the session up a few days because their baby started making some decisions to enter the world a little early!

We are really looking forward to returning to the firehall to make a magical and totally unique set of newborn images!

For the image above, I may have got a little bit nerdy with the camera skills.  I wanted to make a something extra special - and I always love a good opportunity to expand my own camera skills.  So - I used a technique that we've posted about before called "Light Painting".  This is where I mount the camera to a tripod, then create an image set, where each image is made with the flash highlighting specific objects, then I merge them all together in Photoshop by hand.  I find it to be fun ;)  Look at the slideshow on the bottom to see the images I used to make the final!

The nerdy details:

Nikon D300s, tripod mounted. ISO 200, 1/125 @ f/11. Key Light - Nikon SB900 through 24x24'' lastolite ez box camera right, Back Light - Nikon SB900 bare - Triggered by Pocket Wizard Flex system. Manfrotto grip. Once we did the pose, I shot 40 frames of the trucks, each I illuminated different aspects, and hit the ceiling with a strong bare backlight to match the pose. I ended up using 32 layers in photoshop to mask/dodge/burn everything together for the final composite, then I cropped and adjusted a little contrast in Lightroom.


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